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2016 Shelby KillerPerformance LLC

The Stewart EMP E2512A DC brushless intercooler pump is an advanced computer controlled electric water pump that can flow 25 gallons per minute @ 12 amps utilizes 1 inch inlet and outlets.

In testing at LPE with our advanced flow testing equipment, this Stewart-EMP E2512A intercooler pump performed well, matching the ZR1 pump flow when installed in the ZL1 circuit despite the fact that the inlet hose was 3/4", not the recommended 1" inlet. This pump performs very well at high pressure drops but the current draw does increase significantly when the pressure across the pump is high or when the restriction is high, so you need to make sure to take this into consideration for your install wiring.

The Stewart-EMP pump is a pump we have been using for several years in high horsepower supercharged and turbocharged vehicle applications including the Lingenfelter 1,250 RWHP Camaro SS, the LPE white turbo drag Camaro, and numerous 1,000-1,600+ HP customer builds.

- The light weight all aluminum housing is small for easy packaging and weighs only 6.5 lbs.
- Can be used with 12 or 16 volt electrical systems
- No relay needed
- Extremely quiet operation
- Can be used in intercooler systems for both supercharged or turbocharged applications
- 9 Amp maximum draw
- WP29 series electric pump

Stewart EMP High Volume Intercooler Pump - Reprogrammed