FIRST to the 10's..,the 9's and NOW FULL SYSTEMS! 

With that list of "Firsts", we can't help but get excited about this amazing supercharger system for 2018 Mustang GT's. However, that last one is what should be getting YOU excited...Full Systems now shipping INCLUDING TUNING!  So let's dive into more details...


ProCharger helps power first 9 second 2018 Mustang!

For those that have followed our blogs you probably already knew about MAK performance's low-10-second passes on pump gas. And you probably already know that they did it with the entry level HO kit and just 8psi of boost and pump gas.  Well, those guys added 2 more psi (10psi total) and a tank of E85 into their shop 'stang...drove to the track...ran a 9.92...and drove HOME!

Willy at MAK stated that this was no "glory run" by any means, and possibly the definition of the exact opposite.  Being that the car was driven 1.5 hours to the track, waited 45min in a tech line (running the entire time), before being allowed to make its 9.92 passes and returning for the 1.5-hour drive home.  Even with a fully heat soaked engine bay, Willy stated that the IAT's (intake air temp) never went over 104 degrees, thanks to that amazing P-1X supercharger efficiency (and highly effective intercooler). 

For more details on this pass please click HERE for FordNXT's write up.  
The "Cliff Notes" on this cars two records are broken down below. 

9.92@142 = HO Kit - STG2 Intercooler - P1X Head Unit - 10psi - E85
10.30@138 = HO Kit - STG2 Intercooler - P1X Head Unit - 8psi - Pump Gas


3 hours driven to and from the track to set a record?  Yes, and that's exactly the streetable performance you can expect from a ProCharger supercharger system.   And for those of you that love doing a DIY install, keep on reading...

System Details, Options, and availability: 

NOW SHIPPING the 9-second performance from a supercharger system that requires no permanent modifications and can be installed in a garage? HECK YES! That's bolt-on performance at its finest.  At ProCharger we know that a large number of our Mustang GT customers are the "do it yourself" in the garage kinda guys, and we LOVE that.  Which is why we are proud to announce that we are NOW SHIPPING our HO systems (including tuning)!   HO Systems can produce up to 700 HP or more on just 6.5psi of pump gas friendly boost. 

The HO system is available with two air-to-air intercooler options (HO and STG2) and runs a shared 6 rib drive system for the supercharger head unit (same as MAK used to set the above records).  Also included is a proven calibration that delivers OEM drivability and tire blistering performance, loaded via a handheld tuner.  This tuner also doubles as a data logging device for logging your Mustangs performance which is always a nice perk for the tech-savy. 

HO Supercharger System and Kit Details: (Now Shipping)
- Full Systems with P-1X and P-1SC-1 
- Tuner kits with P-1X through F-1A-94 head units available*
- Shared 6 rib supercharger belt drive system
- Two Intercoolers (HO = 630 sq in. core, STG 2 = 1,103 sq in. core)
- Rigid plastic cold air inlet
- Handheld tuner (system only)
- 6.5psi boost level (full system) up to 20+ psi (tuner kits)
- 100% bolt on, requires NO permanent modifications to the car. 
- Easy install with common hand tools. 

STG2 Supercharger System and Kit Details: (Taking Pre-Sale Orders Now)
- Same as above with additions below
- 8.5psi of boost (or more with tuner kits)
- Fuel System Upgrade
- Dedicated 8 rib supercharger drive belt.

* = Tuner kits come without fuel system components, and without tuning.  Boost level spec'd by dealer. 



Are you ready to drive your Mustang with 700+ HP and beyond?  

Drop our sales staff a call or an email at the following contact methods below.  We will be happy to assist you with any technical questions you may have about our systems, and results you can expect (just don't blame us for having to buy some sticky rear tires). Thanks for reading! 

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2018-2019 Mustang GT ProCharger P-1SC Kit

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