This a must have performance product for any modified CTS-V that is running a higher than stock amount of boost. The benefits are substantial, not only does it improve the airflow within the supercharger unit it also allows for a raw gain of horsepower to the wheels. The air inside can become turbulent to the point where it starts to restrict airflow.

Without the spacer in place, overboosted vehicles will experience a choke inside of the Supercharger lid.  Turbulence causes friction and heat, thus decreasing the thermal efficiency of the compressed air. By inserting the lid spacer, the air calms down allowing the passage through the Supercharger without the unwanted turbulence.  The result is a more efficient factory brick supercharger. 

The supercharger lid spacer is cut out of 6061 aluminum plate using a CAD file on a water jet. It increases plenum volume 63 cubic inches. Kit includes lid spacer, brick spacer and elongated bolts.

LSA lid spacer Eaton TVS 1900 for the CTS V and ZL1