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Lingenfelter Performance Engineering - 2009-2015 Cadillac CTS-V (LSA) - Varimax Intercooler Pump Kit

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Boost your CTS-V Intercooler pump to the same pump flow specification as the ZL1 Camaro by replacing the factory stock OEM Cadillac CTS-V Bosch PCA 1150LPH intercooler pump.

The VariMax Pulse width modulation or PWM controlled brushless pump for cooling usage features a motor with a 3 phase inner roter design that protects itself against over and under voltage, over temperature and over current conditions.

The VariMax weighs less than 570 grams and features software that provides pump speed and warning or fault codes.

The VariMax pump (PN TAFX410110) flowed the same as the stock ZL1 pump when tested in the stock ZL1 intercooler and intercooler radiator circuit.

- Target flow rate 720 LPH @ 70 kPa
- Inlet / Outlet connection: 19 MM Barb
- Motor syle: Brushless
- Operating voltage: 8-16 VDC
- Maximum amp draw: 7.3 Amp with RSDS Software

- Intelligent electronics and software
- Variable flow
- High temperature protection
- Impeller un blocking
- Current limiting
- Short circuit protection
- Reverse polarity protection
- Fault code communication
- Maximum coolant temp 120 degrees Celsius

Pump includes harness & mounting bracket

LPE - Varimax Intercooler Pump - CTS-V (LSA)