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Looking for more boost your your 2009+ Cadillac CTS V or 2012+ Camaro ZL1?  Change the ratio the blower spins with one of these upper pulleys which have interchangeable rings so the snout doesn't have to come off to change pulley size in the future and they have a completely stock appearance for the dealership's eyes unlike their competition.  If you would like help matching a size to your needs, see our packages for upper and lower pulley combo and supporting mods needed or feel free to email sales@weaponxmotorsports.com for assistance!

Replace the original supercharger pulley on your CTS-V or ZL1 with one of our precision-made overdrive units to make as much as 5 pounds of additional boost for more more horsepower and torque.  The Metco LSA supercharger pulleys are one-piece units CNC-machined from high grade steel.  The center bore is sized for the appropriate interference fit and no pinning or drilling is necessary for installation.  The finished pulley is powdercoated in a semi-gloss black for long lasting surface protection.  We recommend the installation of our MIP-100V idler pulley (listed elsewhere in this section) on applications using overdrive (smaller) supercharger pulleys.
Image 2 shows this 2.50" supercharger pulley installed with our MIP-100V supercharger idler and our crank pulley kit.  This image is courtesy of Jason at Aspire Performance and is on the shop's 740 RWHP ZL1 Camaro.
Note 1:  A shorter supercharger belt is necessary when the 2.50" overdrive supercharger pulley is installed.  The Gates or NAPA 080653 in the premium Greenstripe line, is recommended.  If this pulley is installed in conjunction with our MIP-100V idler and the 9.55" pulley ring, a 68.5" belt is recommended. 

Interchangeable Upper Pulley (2.4, 2.5, 2.85") - LSA Eaton 1.9 Supercharger