Increasing the boost level in your CTS-V is one of the easiest ways to generate additional power. However, the mechanical pressurization of the intake air from the supercharger also generates additional heat. It’s no secret that high intake air temps will result in a reduction of power. Managing this increase in intake temperature is critical for the longevity of the engine, as well as the efficient production of additional horsepower.

To help solve this issue, Dedicated Motorsports has specifically designed, developed, and tested a bolt-on heat exchanger solution for the 09-15 CTS-V as a direct replacement for the OE unit.

With the objective of removing as much heat as possible, we chose to utilize a high fin-density aluminum core, (made in the USA), combined with laser-cut CNC-formed sheet aluminum tanks and mounting bracketry. The components are TIG-welded in-house by our professional metal fabricators. Each unit is then pressure tested and inspected to ensure the highest quality possible.

The result is a highly-efficient DMS Heat Exchanger which drastically decreases intake air temperatures, provides more stable intercooler coolant temperatures, and allows for substantially quicker recovery times.

The e
ase of installation was also a high priority when engineering this item. Because of this consideration, the DMS Heat Exchanger is truly a ‘no-compromise’ bolt-in upgrade. This means that nothing has to be relocated and no bumper support material has to be removed. Drilling 3 small holes is all that is required to mount the DMS Heat Exchanger, and we include the correct size drill bit and Grade 8 hardware (along with detailed installation instructions) with each kit.

The DMS Heat Exchanger can be installed as a stand-alone upgrade, or can also be combined with a higher-capacity intercooler coolant pump to maximize the overall efficiency of your supercharger intercooling system.

List Price: $700.00

DMS Heat Exchanger Kit - 09-15 Cadillac CTS-V