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DMS Catch Can For 2005-2013 C6/Z06/ZR1 Corvette
When producing significantly more power than stock, crankcase ventilation requires more attention than the stock PCV system can supply. The Dedicated Motorsports C6 Dry Sump Catch Can is able to provide this extra capacity and ventilation while having the ability to maintain function, even if the can fills with a significant amount of oil. The large capacity can uses an intricate internal baffling system that helps to collect oil from the saturated air and condense it.

As a last resort, a stainless mesh at the top helps condense whatever may be left, and all of the remaining liquid oil is able to drain back down to the bottom of the can to be drained. The air then vents out through two large capacity filters. The can connects to the valve covers, valley cover, and dry sump tank with included pre- assembled AN lines (valve covers will require AN bungs welded on) that are large enough to meet the demand of clearing the system of excess pressure.

DMS Catch Can - 2005-2013 C6/Z06/ZR1 Corvette