The Camaro ZL1 leaves very little to be desired in the way of performance coming off the showroom floor.  However, that does not mean that more is not readily available.  We would like to introduce our in-house produced WXM Carbon Power Intake for the Camaro ZL1. This intake was developed and tested in our facility to ensure that you are getting nothing short of the best in affordable aftermarket performance, all without having to making adjustments to the stock ECU calibration (warranty blues...).  Measurements on our Mustang 1100AWD Dyno showed consistently solid gains to the tune of +25rwhp without having to get your hands too dirty in the installation process.  This intake can be unboxed and installed in about 10-20 minutes in your driveway.

Camaro ZL1 Carbon Power Intake (2012-2015 LSA)