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A&A Corvette- Home of the world’s first Centrifugally Supercharged C7 Corvette!

A&A Corvette produced the first C7 Corvette supercharger system in October of 2013. After much testing and a few “tweaks” here and there, production systems became available in January of 2014. Aesthetically as well as mechanically, we believe this to be the finest system available for the new C7 Stingray.

Take a close look and we’re sure you’ll agree!

Advantages of the A&A Supercharger system:
Proprietary supercharger units built specifically for A&A Corvette by Vortech Engineering are used exclusively. We have found Vortech to build the most efficient units available and to also offer us the best available customer service and support. Self- contained V3 Si head units are standard. The Si units are the most efficient model available in the 500 to 700 horsepower range. All our units are available in a highly polished or satin black finish. We have larger units available, capable of well over 1000

A&A 2014 Corvette Supercharger Kit